1851-O 3 Cent Silver PCGS CAC MS64

A near gem original with light toning, this is one sweet coin. CAC approved.

1851-O 3 cent silver PCGS CAC MS64

1851-O Three Cent Silver PCGS MS64

Tons of luster and a typical strike for the date!

1851-O 3 cent silver PCGS MS64

1851-O key date 3-cent silver NGC MS62

Never cleaned or altered in any way. Totally original with a typical weak strike. Great luster! Dash date variety!

1851-O 3 cent silver NGC MS62

1854 Three Cent Silver PCGS MS64

Great luster and originality.

1854 3 cent silver PCGS MS64

1859 3-Cent Silver PCGS MS63

Nice original and colorful toning.

1859 3 Cent Silver PCGS MS63 toned

1861 3-Cent Silver PCGS MS63

Choice uncirculated and great luster.

1861 3 cent silver PCGS MS63

1861 3-Cent Silver NGC & CAC MS64 toned

You can't ask for more. Luster, color, and an old fatty holder to boot.

1861 3 cent silver NGC CAC MS64

1862/1 3 Cent Silver PCGS MS64

Gorgeous luster. Only slight toning.

1862/1 3-Cent Silver PCGS MS64

1862 Three Cent Piece PCGS MS65 toned

Toning + luster makes this one oh-so-sweet coin!

1862 PCGS MS65 toned 3 cent silver

1869 Three Cent Silver PCGS PR63

Splotchy, but colorful toning!

1869 3cs PCGS PR63

1871 Three Cent Silver PCGS PR64

A rare date and a fantastic originally album toned example.

1871 PCGS PR64 3 cent silver toned #546

1871 Business Strike three cent silver PCGS AU details

All we can say about these busniess strike 3-cent silvers is... "Good luck finding another." When they come up for sale, you better act fast. It may be years before you see another one.

1871 3 cent silver business strike PCGS AU det

1886 Three Cent Nickel PCGS & CAC PR65

This coin should really have a gold CAC sticker for being under-graded. It looks like a Gem 66 to us and is free of any major marks.

1886 3-Cent Nickel PCGS & CAC rattler PR65

1886 Three Cent Nickel PCGS PR64

Never cleaned or dipped. A super-nice original with flashy luster beneath the tone.

1886 3-cent nickel PCGS PR64

1887 Three Cent Nickel PCGS & CAC VF35

With a mintage of only 5001 pieces, this is a great opportunity to grab a completely original and CAC'd key date coin. Best hurry on this one.

1887 3-Cent Nickel PCGS & CAC VF35

1887/6 Three Cent Nickel NGC PF66

Original skin and mark-free. Great flash beneath the tone.

1887/6 3-Cent Nickel NGC PF66

1887/6 Three Cent Nickel NGC PF65 - nearly cameo

We like this one even better than the proof 66! Great CAMEO obverse and a wonderful overall appearance.

1887/6 3-Cent Nickel NGC PF65

1888 Three Cent Silver PCGS XF45

Accurately graded and in an older style holder!

1888 3 cent nickel PCGS XF45 #090

1888 Three Cent Nickel PCGS XF40

With better detail than the ANACS EF45, this mark-free, evenly circulated example looks great! Semi-key date!

1888 3-Cent Nickel PCGS XF40